School of Computing, Newcastle University, UK - Senior Lecturer in Security

2019 - Present

  • Director of Postgraduate Studies since 2020
  • CoI and Ambient Sector Lead for the PETRAS Centre
  • PI on Market for Connected Shared Spaces (PETRAS Centre), with Professor Lilian Edwards.
  • PI on Privacy Preserving Indoor Environment Monitoring (PETRAS Centre), with Dr Luke Smith.

School of Computing, Newcastle University, UK - Lecturer in Security

2016 - 2019

  • CoI on the Active Building Centre (EPSRC), with Dr Sara Walker.
  • CoI on e4Future V2G (Innovate UK), with Dr Myriam Neameih.
  • PI on Managing Access to Smart Building Information (PETRAS Hub)
  • PI on Visualisation of Access Control Policies (RISCS)
  • PI on Reliability and Cyber-Security of Smart Grid (EPSRC/HubNet)